CDU "barred" against precarious work and Sunday at a shopping center in Sintra – O Jornal Económico

The CDU caravan has stumbled on the limitations of administration and security of a large commercial area in Sintra, and the election campaign ran out of images of the media to illustrate opposition to precarious work and Sundays.

Barring the reporters from capturing the action inside the commercial space of Rio de Mouro, the head of European list of communists and ecologists, João Ferreira, was entering and contacting several shopkeepers, with the care of reducing the entourage to the minimum due to the devices of count of customers, to the entrance of the stores, with effect of calculation of the productivity of the workers.

Already without the flags present at the beginning of the concentration, at the door of the shopping mall, the MEP was against the "total deregulation of schedules, the enormous difficulty of reconciling work and family life with the low wages" practiced in this sector of activity.

"Given the evidence of the results of European Union recommendations to deregulate and make the labor market more flexible, there has been this disarticulation of collective contracting, considered too rigid by the European Commission," he said, stressing that there is a "climate of repression and intimidation "And such" widespread situation in trade and services ".

For João Ferreira, Sundays should be "for all workers who do not respond to imperative social needs a day of rest, leisure and socializing with the family."

The CDU candidate reiterated the European Union's defense of the "principle of non-retrogression" in terms of labor rights.

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