CDU wants Museum of Resistance and Freedom in the building of the former PIDE in Porto – The Economic Journal

The proposal approved in the Porto Municipal Assembly, with the abstention of the PSD and the municipal group Rui Moreira: Oporto, Our Party, argues that the Heroísmo building, which has housed political police since the 1930s, "is the most suitable for the installation of the Museum of Resistance and Freedom ".

According to the deputy of the municipal group CDU Rui Sá, there are in the city "several other facilities, namely military, where it will be possible to install the Military Museum properly."

Thus, the CDU, which defended that "it is imperative to preserve the collective memory of the struggle against the dictatorship in the city of Oporto and throughout the north of the country," proposed sending this recommendation to the Prime Minister, the President of the Assembly of the Republic and to the leadership of the different parliamentary groups.

The party also expressed its support for the implementation of the museum project "Do Heroism to Firmeza – Memory Path in the House of PIDE in Porto" that continues with limitations of space that make the coexistence with the space of the Military Museum.

The CDU said that according to existing records, up to April 25, 1974, some 7600 people were arrested, interrogated and tortured, and two prisoners were "brutally murdered".

In his speech, the PS deputy Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro said that the Ministry of Culture is making efforts to create a network of museums of the Resistance and Freedom, being available to "accelerate" the creation of this pole to the north.

Already the leader of the municipal bench of the PSD, Alberto Machado, considered the proposal valid, however, he said, "I would like before this museum was inaugurated the Museum of Liberalism, that yes of great importance" for the city.

Meanwhile, the leader of the municipal bench of the movement of Rui Moreira, André Noronha, indicated that, in this matter, is next to what were the intentions of these institutions, reason why abstained in the vote.

By contrast, the Left Bloc said to accompany this proposal that had already been brought at other times by the Block, and that celebrates the memory of the nearly seven thousand prisoners who were detained in this building of PIDE, in Porto.

As part of the commemorations of the 45th anniversary of April 25, the Museum of Resistance and Freedom in the Fort of Peniche was inaugurated, joining the museum that already existed in the old Aljube facilities in Lisbon.

At the same session of the Municipal Assembly on Wednesday, the CDU presented another proposal for a recommendation that advocated "recommending the City Council to intercede with the APDL [Administração dos Portos do Douro, Leixões e Viana do Castelo] so that a project can be elaborated for the construction of walls and / or protective fences between the walks and the bed of the Douro River, in the zones in which, for reasons of security, such justification ".

The CDU also requests the adoption of the necessary measures to remove all degradation situations, in order to proceed immediately to its repair.

At the suggestion of the municipal bench leader of the Rui Moreira movement, André Noronha, a new point was also voted that recommends that APDL "before licensing" caution the impact of the work in these structures.

The three points were approved.

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