"Cem Desabafos … without Spines" presented in Silves – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

"Cem Desabafos ... without Spines" presented in Silves - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The book "Cem Desabafos … Sem Espinhas", by Paulo Cunha, will be presented at the Municipal Library of Silves (BMS) on October 20, at 4:00 p.m.

"Hundred Desabafos … Without Spines" brings together a set of 100 chronicles that do not follow a defined methodology and whose subjects range from the news that came out in the newspaper, to the conversation between friends, daily scenes, confessions, conflicts of generations or affective relations, exteriorization of a thought or feelings, celebrations of ephemeris, politics or culture, with the Algarve always present. They are written words in a very simple and direct language, which result from a spontaneous sharing of ideas and feelings that, however, do not seek to reach or blame someone, but which promote in the reader reflection and stimulate them to look at everyday issues with critical spirit.

Paulo Cunha is a professor of Music Education at the João de Deus School Group in Faro. He was a member of the Cultural Council for the Structure of the Mission "Faro Capital Nacional da Cultura 2005" and in 2007, awarded the Municipal Gold Medal of Merit by the Municipality of Faro. He wrote for Jornal Meridional and Jornal Notícias do Algarve.

The presentation of the work will be in charge of Eduardo Ramos and there will be a musical moment by José Alegre (Portuguese guitar) and Fernando Ponte (guitar).

The telephone 282 440 899 and the email address [email protected] are the BMS contacts for the collection of additional information on this action.



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