Centenary of Fernando Namora evoked in Loulé – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Centenary of Fernando Namora evoked in Loulé - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

On October 16, Tuesday, at 9:00 pm, the Municipal Library Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, in Loulé, receives an evening dedicated to one of the great names of Portuguese Literature – "Return to Fernando Namora – Evocation of the Centenary of Birth of the Author ". The presentation will be in charge of the president of the Portuguese Writers Association, José Manuel Mendes

This session, evocative of the 100 years of Fernando Namora's birth, aims to give due importance to his work, considered a national heritage, and create conditions for a re-reading of it, presenting unpublished or less known aspects of his biographical journey or his intellectual activity .

Fernando Namora was born in Condeixa-a-Nova on April 15, 1919, and died in Lisbon on January 31, 1989. He was a Portuguese physician and writer, author of an extensive work, the most widely translated and translated in the 1970s and 80. Graduated in Medicine (1942) by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra, belonged to the generation of 40, a literary group that brought together outstanding personalities such as Carlos de Oliveira, Mário Dionísio, Joaquim Namorado or João José Cochofel. With an extensive literary production, it reunited genres as diverse as the novel or the poetry, the novel or the biography, emphasizing the narratives of the books of a writer, having some of its books been adapted to the cinema and translated in several languages.

José Manuel Mendes, Portuguese writer, was born in September 1948, in Luanda.

Writer. University professor (in reform). Member of the Board of Trustees of the Universidade do Minho Foundation. He presides over the Portuguese Writers Association and integrates management bodies or cultural representation in several institutions. He was a lecturer in secondary education, deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, president of the Opinion Council of RDP, Broadcasting Portuguese Broadcasting, member of the High Authority for Social Communication, collaborator of newspapers and magazines, in Brazil and abroad, as well as of RTPN, to various titles. Author of vast work, totally or partially translated into French, English, Bulgarian, Czech, Spanish, Russian and German. Grand Officer of the Order of Prince Dom Henrique, awarded by President Jorge Sampaio (Palace of Belém, March 5, 2006) and Grand Officer of the Order of Merit, attributed by President Mário Soares on June 10, 1995. The Minister Pedro Roseta, in July 2004, distinguished him with the Medal of Cultural Merit.

In this session, José Manuel Mendes will address the entire work of Fernando Namora with special emphasis on "Sunday afternoon." The initiative will be complemented with excerpts from the film, titled, by António Macedo.

This initiative is free entry.



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