César: "We freaked out FC Porto"

César: "We freaked out FC Porto"

Santa Clara defender César analyzed his team's performance against Santa Clara.

Team attitude

"We made a good start for FC Porto, we played our game with the same goal as always, we had opportunities, but they did, they did it, they had another one for Fernando Andrade, we did what we have done, we tried to play, trying to condition FC Porto , we got ahead and had opportunities, but we did not materialize, we were proud of what we showed.

Team personality

"We have respected FC Porto in the best possible way and we have done what we have always done and we have always been in training, we will never fail to do it, we are proud of it. we are showing that we are strong outside the home. "

Make history until the end

"We want to finish the best we can and make history, we have come to the I League with a mission, we have already done it and now we want to make history, we are trying and we will be proud of this region."

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