Chamber of Grândola approves budget of 31 million euros for 2021

Chamber of Grândola approves budget of 31 million euros for 2021

The Municipality of Grândola approved on Thursday, 19, the budget for the year 2021, amounting to 31 million euros, including the “necessary responses” to halt the spread of Covid-19.

The president of the Alentejo municipality, António Figueira Mendes, began by highlighting, in the introduction of the document, the role of the municipality in relation to the pandemic.

"As so far, we will continue to be strongly committed to collaborating with the health, safety and relief authorities – in order to be able to control the progress of the pandemic in the county – and we will implement the necessary responses to respond to the worsening economic and social situation," he said .

Thus, taking into account the foreseeable worsening of the pandemic situation and the inevitable worsening of social conditions, the document emphasizes the reinforcement of all emergency programs implemented in 2020, namely the program “Grândola even more solidary”, food support for needy families , the psychological support line, the monitoring of the elderly, the reinforcement of support to IPSS, among others.

Among the interventions and actions foreseen in the Great Options of the Plan and Budget for 2021, the highlight is also the implementation of measures and investments to stimulate the economy, namely the continuation of the expansion of the Grândola Light Industrial Zone and the completion of its accesses; the implementation of an ambitious Nature Tourism project and the opening of the Polinucleated Museum in Grândola, with the opening of the São Pedro Nucleus – already concluded – and the Nuclei of Olaria de Melides, Liberdade (in the former Paços do Concelho) and Ethnography (at Casa Frayões Metello) – all under construction.

Other interventions and works are also foreseen, such as the requalification of Avenida Jorge Nunes, the continuation of the construction of infrastructures, the continuation of the requalification of the municipal road network and the vicinal ways and several works to improve the public space throughout the municipality, in addition to implementation of solutions aimed at environmental sustainability, resource rationalization and universal mobility and accessibility.

The requalification of the school park; support for housing construction programs at controlled costs; the continuation of the requalification of the municipal housing stock; and the completion of the requalification of the Library and Archive and the Cine Granadeiro – Municipal Auditorium are other measures advanced.

The document ends by reinforcing “a firm and determined position of claiming State investments”, namely the replacement and reinforcement of public services – with a main emphasis on health services, the requalification of the António Inácio da Cruz Secondary School and the Escola Profissional de Rural Development, the continuation of the IP8 and IC33 works, the completion of the Lousal node via the IC1 connection, the requalification of the Sines-Ermidas-Grândola railway connection within the scope of the South International Corridor, the requalification of the GNR facilities and steps with the Ministry of Justice relating to the land that the City Council acquired for the transfer of the Pinheiro da Cruz Prison.

The 2021 budget proposal was approved by a majority, with the PS councilors voting against, and will now be submitted to the Municipal Assembly for consideration and voting.


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