Channel 11 kicks off this week and wants to "bring more people into football" – News

Channel 11 kicks off this week and wants to "bring more people into football" - News

Nuno Santos reiterated that 11 is not exclusively a channel, "but a content platform".

Channel 11 "will have a lot of live Portuguese football with over 600 game broadcasts, but it will also be a space where many stories will be told because they deserve to be told," he added.

"One of our priorities is to stage football in all its sporting, specialized, technical, but also human dimension. The digital platform will have it all, but with another rhythm and language," explained Nuno Santos.

Regarding the grid, it "will have a strong component of game broadcasts – from juniors to the Portuguese Championship, from the BPI League to the Revelation League, as well as male and female futsal and, of course, national teams – and programs with very diverse matrices" .

The new channel will also feature opinion, analysis, debate and entertainment.

"Vitor Baía debuts as a television pivot, Nuno Graciano wears the reporter's skin and travels the country, Sofia Oliveira will be a revelation in the conversation with Jesualdo Ferreira, Iva Domingues presents a non-taboo program with guests outside football" , said Nuno Santos.

On the day of the start, the soccer coach, Fernando Santos, and the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, will be talking, live from Belém, moderated by the channel director, Nuno Santos.

The FPF and Sport TV have agreed to share content between Channel 11 and the sports broadcaster.

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