Channing Tatum "really likes" Jessie J – News

Channing Tatum "really likes" Jessie J - News

Source ensures that the actor is again in love after having separated from Jenna Dewan.

It was earlier this year that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced the separation after they were married in 2009.

Months after the union has come to an end, rumors claim that the 38-year-old actor is again in love.

A few days ago began circulating information about Channing Tatum's alleged relationship with Jessie J and now a source decided to speak openly about the novel.

"It was only six months ago that Channing and Jenna broke up," the source said. "All this is new," he added, adding, "Channing really likes Jessie."

It is recalled that Jenna, 37, has a daughter in common with the actor, Everly, age five.

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