Chapter on EDP dams excluded from the report of the commission of inquiry – The Economic Journal

The vote on the proposal for amendment (amendment) of the final report of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the Payment of Excessive Income to Electricity Producers, drafted by Mr Jorge Costa of the Left Bloc (BE), is still underway. Global approval seems not to be at risk, but the chapter on "the uncontested extension of the use of the Public Water Domain in favor of EDP" has already been hit.

Chapter 2 on the extension of the water domain to EDP will disappear from the final report of the committee of inquiry, thus leaving no reference to this process, one of the most debated at the hearings. The body of chapter two – which preceded the vote on its conclusions and recommendations, which was no longer the case – was cast (and therefore excluded), with PSD votes against, and abstention from PS and CDS-PP .

The chapter relating to the "extension without tender of the use of the Public Water Domain in favor of EDP and methodology of calculation of the compensation payable to the national electricity system" counted with the favorable votes only of BE, PCP and PEV. Thus, the reference to the 27 contracts for hydroelectric concessions to EDP disappears from the final report of the parliamentary inquiry committee, as well as the absence of a public tender in this process.

From the lead of this chapter, Congressman Hélder Amaral of the CDS-PP announced that he would not comment on any further chapter, as the document had just "died." "This is one of the most debated issues [ao longo das audições da comissão]. With the non-inclusion of the epicenter that is the extension of the water domain – it was possible to have done better and better defended the public interest – this report falls far short, "said the deputy.

In response, PCP MP Bruno Dias lamented that, while the vote on chapter two is still ongoing, "death certificates" already exist, accusing the PSD of being responsible for the lead in the chapter on the extension of the public water domain, and also the CDS-PP have contributed "to the exclusion of the chapter".

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