'Cheer' arrives with Conte downfall and 'unconditional support' to Salvini – The Economic Journal

The fall of the Italian government led by Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday led Chega to “express its vote of joy and unconditional support to Matteo Salvini and the Italian League for the political victory it has played”.

"We are sure that this has opened the way for a majority government headed by Salvini, and thus a new hope for Italy and the Italians, and a new and better cycle for the European Union," reads the position of the party led by André Ventura, who claims to be “in solidarity and in complete convergence” with the hitherto deputy prime minister and interior minister of Italy.

According to Chega, the League's victory in early elections (still dependent on the failure of other solutions, such as an understanding between the 5 Star Movement and the Democratic Party or the formation of a technocratic government) will mean “a safer cycle, more control of illegal migrations and human trafficking which endangers traditional European cultures, but also with more and better sovereignty for Member States that want to be supportive and equal. ”

The most recent poll, with interviews conducted on August 12, reports a slight decline in voting intentions in the League, which featured 32%, against 24% of former 5 Star Movement coalition partners and 23% of the Democratic Party. Still, Salvini would be able to rule in a coalition of right-wing parties with Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy and former Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Force Italy, which unlike the other two is part of the political family. Europeanist Party of the European People's Party.

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