Chilling stories mark Halloween in Portimão

THE Halloween, better known for Halloween, will be marked this year in Portimão with several initiatives promoted by the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library (BMMTG), especially aimed at children, between the 26th and 30th of October.

Thus, BMMTG will tell five daily chilling stories at 5 pm, about witches, frogs, wolves and scary magic. The narratives are aimed at children from 3 years old, who will be able to watch on facebook. Also between October 26th and 30th, at 11 pm, several suggestions for reading before bedtime, aimed at adults, can be followed at the same email address.

The free and dramatized adaptation of María Mañeru's short story “Who invented Halloween?” Was reserved for October 30, presented on video in the 1st and 2nd cycle schools in the municipality of Portimão, the same target audience of the didactic action “ How do you make a puppet? ”. Registration for both initiatives should be made to the email [email protected]

On the eve of Halloween, October 31, the Quinta Pedagógica de Portimão collaborates with the programming of the Library, allowing kids and adults to watch online, the videos “Soup de Travessuras” (11h00), “Pumpkin Cake in the style of Witches” ( 15h00), “How do you make a puppet?” (17h00), and “Who invented Halloween?” (9:00 pm).


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