China bans video games displaying blood and all gambling – Internet

China bans video games displaying blood and all gambling - Internet

The Chinese public agency, responsible for approving the marketing of video games, has created new guidelines that should guide the analysis of the titles proposed by the studios. Based on this new set of rules, poker and Mahjong games, games based on the Chinese imperial past and games that display corpses and / or blood, will be prevented from reaching national stores, whether physical or digital.

The industry regulator justifies the new regulation with the growing addiction to gambling and violence which, according to it, is found in the younger fringes of the population. According to Chinese studio Niko Partners, programmers will also have to create anti-addiction systems.

The international press writes that the new rules will impact, in particular, the gambling and Mahjong segment, since 37% of the games submitted for approval in 2017 were included in this category.

Another measure that will impact the video game industry is the introduction of anti-addiction policies, which will limit the time and money that minors can invest in mobile games. The rule had already existed in PC games since 2007.

To expedite the implementation of these rules, the Chinese government created the Ethics Committee for Online Games in 2018. The agency is responsible for gauging whether the games under review are "healthy and beneficial" for players. In the first year of operation, the committee approved a small portion of the games analyzed, but rejected many and called for changes in others.

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