China promises 5G commercial start-up on October 1 – Internet

China promises 5G commercial start-up on October 1 - Internet

The first equipment that supports 5G connections starts to reach the market this summer and in some territories and cities are already beginning to make the first experiences, such as that the "touch land" technology that seeks to change paradigms to society and companies. China is one of the countries most committed to embracing the fifth mobile generation and advancing with an official date for the commercialization of the technology.

According to Gizchina, who cites the Chinese publication Mydrivers, China will start to market the 5G network from October 1 with China Mobile. To ensure coverage of the entire Chinese territory, the technology will be provided by Huawei, ZTE and Ericsson.

ZTE's General Manager confirmed at a 5G conference in Hong Kong that China will start operations at an advanced date, supported by information from Chinese telecom operators.

ZTE estimates that, in the full age of 5G smartphones, estimated to 2021, monthly traffic per user can reach 200 GB. The company also estimates that China's 5G development will be the fastest, but that 5G smartphones will only carry a 2% weight in the market this year.

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