Choreographer Meg Stuart comes to Lisbon to present "Until Our Hearts Stop" – Showbiz

Choreographer Meg Stuart comes to Lisbon to present "Until Our Hearts Stop" - Showbiz

The shows, which will take place at Culturgest with live jazz music from the trio Samuel Halscheidt, Marc Lohr and Stefan Rusconi, have six dancers, who interact on stage in a nightclub atmosphere.

In "Until Our Hearts Stop", a space of desire and illusion is created, a refuge without security, according to the text of the Culturgest about the spectacle.

"To the sound of jazz, the six interpreters try to pull the boundaries of their coexistence and find out how far they can go in their relationship, they imitate each other, beat, abuse, play as children, embrace each other. Freedom seems absolute, "he says.

Meg Stuart was inspired by the life of people who withdraw from society to live in their fantasy world, according to their own will, where there are no pre-established rules, and everything is experimental.

"The interpreters move in a universe where everything can happen, navigating between hope and despair, between reality and illusion," the text adds, noting that "it is impossible to unveil the final meaning of all this fury, but in the middle of it there is always – as in all of Meg Stuart's work – compassion for the losers and the hope of a fresh start. "

Choreographer and dancer, Meg Stuart – who lives in Berlin – founded her company, "Damaged Goods" in Brussels in 1994, through which she has performed dozens of productions, ranging from solos to large-scale choreography, site-specific creations, [especificamente para um espaço de apresentação] and improvisation projects.

The creator has been developing a new language for each piece, betting on collaboration with artists from different disciplines, a cross between dance and theater.

In his work, through improvisation, Meg Stuart explores physical and emotional states as well as the memories of these states.

"Until Our Hearts Stop" will be performed by Neil Callaghan, Jared Gradinger, Leyla Postalcioglu, Maria F. Scaroni, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, and Kristof Van Boven.

In January 2016, Meg Stuart was in Lisbon to present the solo "Hunter" at the Maria Matos Theater.

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