Cinéfilo de Seia Nucleus takes cinema to five villages in the county – News

Cinéfilo de Seia Nucleus takes cinema to five villages in the county - News

The Cinéfilo de Seia Nucleus will promote in August the project "Itinerante", which takes cinema to five locations of that municipality of Serra da Estrela, in the district of Guarda, was announced today.

According to the organization, the "Itinerante" aims to "take the cinema to the street and provide a cultural experience in the community, bringing the cinema closer to the populations, dynamizing the public space of towns and villages and, thus, enhancing the territory and the communities. your people ".

In August, the 7th. Seine – Cinéfilo de Seia Nucleus, an independent entity that is part of the Seia Art and Image Association, will visit five locations in the municipality of Seia and hold cinema sessions, always at 9:30 pm, with the screening of Charles Chaplin's films, "in emblematic places of the villages ".

The initiative begins on Friday at the Mirante de Santo Amaro, in Santiago, and continues the next day in the churchyard of Travancinha.

The cinema sessions continue on the 9th, in the square of the church of Paranhos da Beira; on the 10th, in the square of the church of Pinhanços and on the 24th, in the square of the chapel of Vasco Esteves de Cima (locality belonging to the parish of Alvoco da Serra).

The fifth edition of "Itinerante" has the support of the municipality of Seia and the Parish Councils of Santiago, Travancinha, Paranhos da Beira, Pinhanços and Alvoco da Serra.

The organization states that 2019 is the year of the 130th anniversary of the birth of Charles Chaplin (1889-1977), hence, to celebrate the occasion, the 7th. Sena – Nucleus Cinéfilo de Seia dedicates this year's edition of the project to promote cinema "to the immortal and popular filmmaker known to all generations".

"With this cycle, the 7th Seine intends to celebrate Chaplin and his complex character Charlot (the tramp). Chaplin himself said that Charlot is' simultaneously a tramp, a 'gentleman', a poet, a dreamer, a rejected type, always surrendered to romance and adventure ', "concludes the source.

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