Cineteatro Louletano receives the best of contemporary dance

Cineteatro Louletano receives the best of contemporary dance

On September 18, at 9:30 pm, Cineteatro Louletano presents the 6th edition of the Festival Encontros do DeVIR, under the theme of Resgate, an organization of DeVIR CAPa – Center for Performing Arts of the Algarve, integrated in the cultural program 365 Algarve. Two major names in Portuguese dance take the stage in Loulé for two performances on the same night: the Brazilian Eduardo Fukushima and the Portuguese Francisco Camacho.

The show “Entre Contências” is a solo that has become an iconic work of Fukushima, one of the most outstanding / award-winning choreographers in contemporary Brazilian dance. Since its creation, it has been presented uninterruptedly, which is justified by the quality, simplicity and truth that it conveys to the public. It resulted from a very personal language search, a simple and raw vocabulary that plays with disharmony and confrontation.

Francisco Camacho proposes a remake of the creation “O Rei no Exílio”, the rescue of a remarkable solo of contemporary Portuguese dance, which focuses on the figure of D. Manuel II, the last King of Portugal, exiled in England in 1910. It is a portrait of a certain Portugal by sometimes ironic, sometimes controversial, where loneliness is permanent. It is a grotesque, obscure, sensual universe that juxtaposes intimacy, the vices of the choreographer / interpreter and the iconographic figure of the King. Past and present are mixed up in a character, who lives different stories centered on gestures and symbolic actions of everyday men.

The set of the two shows has an approximate duration of 65 minutes, with an interval, aimed at those over 12 years old and with an associated cost per person of 5 euros, with no applicable discounts. This festival is co-financed by 365 Algarve / Turismo de Portugal and by the municipalities of Loulé, Faro and Lagos, with the entire program available online at

On September 19, from 10 am to 5:30 pm, Francisco Camacho held the workshop “Sensação e Movimento”, at Cineteatro Louletano, organized by Folha de Medronho – Artes Performativas. The contact details for registering for this activity are: 967678995 / [email protected]

For more information and reservations about the shows, those interested can contact Cineteatro Louletano by calling 289 414 604 (Tuesday to Friday, from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm) or by email at [email protected] In addition, they can consult their facebook page – or their renewed website, both permanently updated, as well as their instagram account (cineteatrolouletano) , with the possibility of purchasing tickets at participating locations or online through the BOL platform, at

Cineteatro Louletano is a cultural structure in the field of performing arts of the Municipality of Loulé and is integrated in Rede Azul – Theater Network of Algarve and Rede 5 Sentidos.


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