Cineteatro Louletano with reference program in 2021

Cineteatro Louletano with reference program in 2021

New year, new life and also at Cineteatro Louletano in 2021 the program will bring a wide range of premieres with a focus on quality, innovation and cultural pedagogy.

In the year ahead, and in which the 10 years of the Cineteatro's re-inauguration are commemorated after the restoration works, the program will once again have the best of the national theater with unprecedented proposals to the south, such as the play "The margin of time" , in what will be the stage farewell to actress Eunice Muñoz, “Festa de 15 anos” by Mickael de Oliveira with Albano Jerónimo, “Perfil Perdido” by Marco Martins with Beatriz Batarda and Romeu Runa and “Scenes from conjugal life”, by Rita Calçada Bastos with Ivo Canelas.

As part of the collaboration with ACTA – Companhia de Teatro do Algarve, Cineteatro will host in 2021 “Molly Bloom's night” and “A guy is never the same again”.

In the “Implikação” cycle, which started in 2019, we continued with the programming involved and listening to our society: “Engolir Sapos”, by Amarelo Silvestre, on the theme of social inclusion and minorities, namely the Roma community, “Fake”, by Inês Barahona & Miguel Fragata, on the theme of truth / lie and fake news, “Diário de uma República – I”, by Amarelo Silvestre, on justice, “Catarina or the beauty of killing fascists”, by Tiago Rodrigues, on power, “From the forest to the world”, by Inês Barahona & Miguel Fragata, on the theme of refugees, “Romeu e Romeu” by João de Brito, “Cordyceps”, by João Pedro Leal, Eduardo Molina and Marco Mendonça, on democracy and “Monologue of a woman named Maria with her mistress”, by Sara Barros Leitão, on the theme of the emancipation of women, who won in December 2020 the Revelation Award Ageas Teatro D. Maria II .

On the other hand, focusing on projects of greater experimentation and aesthetic innovation, the CTL program will have several shows that combine theater and performance, giving even more contemporary programming, such as “Antes”, by Pedro Penim, Teatro Praga and “Triste” English in Spanish ”, by Sónia Baptista.

The replacement of a CTL order that touches the soul of all louletanos – the play “Soberana”, around the religious celebrations of Mãe Soberana – will take the stage at Teatro do Tram with staging by Ricardo Neves-Neves, now with four presentations after the success in 2019.

2021 will continue the work in the area of ​​Dance, starting with the Forum of Inclusive Dance by the Group Dancing with the Difference, which introduces a new strategic vector in the regular program of Cineteatro, centered on the inclusive dimension of Dance. Bringing together not only the institutions of the municipality of Loulé and the region that work with people with disabilities (motor, intellectual) but the rest of the community at the level of schools and social projects of the municipality developed with the senior population. Also noteworthy is the debut to the south of the new creation of Companhia Paulo Ribeiro, in which CTL is a co-producer; the new creation of choreographer David Marques, “Mistery of Culture”, which addresses the world of art and the intricacies of cultural bureaucracy; a piece by the renowned duo São Castro and António M Cabrita; “Last”, which operates a reinterpretation of Beethoven's work for the world of contemporary dance, with the live performance of the prestigious Matosinhos String Quartet; four creations by IN TRANZ YT Cia.Jovem, by Cristina Pereira and Vasco Macide, bringing to Loulé several promising talents from the national and international scene, debuting in the south and the show “The place of singing is empty”, by the prestigious duo Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz in partnership with Companhia Maior, in a CTL co-production.

In 2021, music continues to have a special place on the program. On the day of the city of Loulé, Mário Laginha and his trio, composer and pianist, also marking the 10th anniversary of the re-inauguration of Cineteatro Louletano (2011-2021), in February, but also Teresa Salgueiro (ex-Madredeus), Cuca Roseta, he debuts south of the new album about Amália, Capicua, and double bass player Carlos Bica with an order, “Playing with Beethoven” in which he joins Daniel Erdmann, DJ Illvibe and João Paulo Esteves da Silva for recording a live disc. But the music doesn't stop there. Tiago Bettencourt comes to Loulé to present the new album, Márcia, Cati Freitas, and Mila Ferreira, all of whom will contribute to a full year on the stage of a house that has been in existence for 90 years and which has been asserting itself as excellence in the Algarve and nationally. Honoring that spirit, we received the prestigious Young Musicians Antena 2 / RTP Award, we gave air to the International Trumpet Festival, we hosted Amélia Muge & Filipe Raposo, the Strauss recital by pianist Nuno Vieira de Almeida with actor Albano Jerónimo and the Music Festival Al-Mutamid. And we opened the doors again to “made in Algarve” projects, such as Paulinho Lêmos, Osmose, Carolina Fonson, these two in the illustrious unknown cycle, Zé Francisco & Vitorino, and Nelson Conceição (Garvefole) or the Gala dos Fadistas Louletanos e the national debut of CAL Jazz Colective composed by some of the most virtuous musicians of the new generation based in the south.

In addition to Theater, Music and Inclusion through Dance / Movement, another strategic vector of Cineteatro's programming consists of interdisciplinary intersections. 2021 brings with it the 6th edition of Som Riscado – Loulé Music and Image Festival, with several concerts, debates, interactive installations and reference formations in the south of the country. But also the Summer Blue Festival, organized by the CasaBranca Association and the Hunger – Festival of Objects and Puppets & Other Comeres produced by ACTA in a networked logic and the Central Artes – Networked cultural program, in a bet from the various municipalities of the Central Algarve.

Those who know Cineteatro Louletano know that, since 2014, there has been a strong commitment to local associations, including the school community. Thus, the following creations, almost all in absolute debut in the south of the country and most of them co-produced by Cineteatro, encompass this concern and will have interaction with these specific agents: “Engolir Sapos”, “Romeu e Romeu” by João de Brito , “O Céu sobre aqui” by the Companhia de Música Teatral, “Fake”, “So should I be” by Catarina Moura, Celina da Piedade and Sara Vidal, on Amália's life and work, “Diário de uma República – I ”,“ Do bosque para o mundo ”,“ Aldebarã ”by Marco Paiva and a new children's opera by Ricardo Neves-Neves with Martim Sousa Tavares.

This without forgetting the three “Promenade” concerts that the Classical Southern Orchestra will hold, in an atmosphere of informalism and proximity aimed at families, making young people aware of the richness of classical music.

The cinema will also continue to be projected in the CTL room. Monstrare – International Social Cinema Exhibition, now in its seventh edition, will bring the best of cinema that deals with and thinks about current issues in the world, with some of the best directors and talents in terms of film and documentary. Also the Latin America Film Festival, which is now in its 11th edition, or the classic Italian Film Festival, which puts Loulé on the national tour that includes several cities will take place on the big screen.

It is recalled that despite the adverse context, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cineteatro Louletano managed to maintain its high standards in 2020, a mission it will pursue in 2021. The structure that has been, among others, an important strategic bet on the part of municipality, has privileged not only Culture and cultural agents but also demonstrated that it is possible to exercise its role of public service and training of publics in a logic of cultural responsibility, implementing all necessary hygiene and safety measures.

The Cineteatro is a cultural structure in the field of performing arts of the Municipality of Loulé, integrated in the Rede Azul – Rede de Theaters of the Algarve and Rede 5 Sentidos.


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