"Cinetendinha" awards bring together movie stars in Loulé

"Cinetendinha" awards bring together movie stars in Loulé

The Auditorium of Solar da Música Nova, in Loulé, received last Saturday the 1st edition of the Cinetendinha Awards, an initiative promoted by Rui Pedo Tendinha, with the objective of distinguishing the best in the sector during the year 2020, both in national and international terms , but above all pay tribute to the professionals of the seventh art who are also being affected by the crisis.

It was an afternoon marked by the presence of important names in Portuguese cinema such as Vítor Norte or Ana Rocha de Sousa, director of “Listen”.

The Municipality of Loulé, through the Loulé Film Office, joined journalist and film critic Rui Tendinha at the premiere of this initiative, which, due to Covid-19, was not open to the public this year.

The choice of Loulé to host the event did not happen by chance: “Many things are happening here connected to the cinema. Loulé is one of the capitals of cinema and it will be more and more ”, underlined the mentor of the Cinetendinha Awards.

As mayor Vítor Aleixo, who was present during the awards ceremony, said, “We want to attract the positive and good things that exist in this world to our municipality and cinema is one of them”. The head of the Municipality of Loulé spoke of the attention that the Municipality has given to the sector, for example with the realization of initiatives such as MONSTRARE, which is already in its 7th edition, “a short film social event, something that is sorely missed. in a world increasingly full of shadows, not least because cinema has a very important role to play in raising awareness and waking people up ”. But also “the icing on the cake”, the British investment for an audiovisual space on the doorstep of the city of Loulé.

As for these awards, Rui Tendinha spoke about their symbolism in the current context. "This is not a whim, it is almost symbolic, it is supporting those who are in difficulties, who are all artists, especially those in the cinema." stressed the author of Cinetendinha, the film shot that every week talks about the seventh art, about festivals and discloses exclusive interviews.

European, American and Portuguese films were evaluated by a jury composed of critics and correspondent journalists from different media such as Diário de Notícias, Expresso, Jornal de Notícias, SAPO Mag, C7nema, Cinema 7ª Arte, in addition to actresses Victoria Guerra and Mia Tomé, also counting on the contributions of programmer Manuel Dias, producers António Costa Valente and Joana Domingues from Caracol Studios, director João Lourenço, director Rita Nunes and coordinator of Loulé Film Office, Manuel Baptista.

On the stage of Solar da Música Nova, names like the louletan actress Victoria Guerra passed by to deliver Best International Actor Award to William Dafoe, in “O Farol”. Maria Leite, another actress born in Loulé, had the task of attributing the Best International Actress Award Saiorse Ronan, in “Mulherzinhas”. Another Algarvian, Ruben Garcia, one of the actors of “Listen”, delivered the Best International Film Award the “Tenet”, by Christopher Nolan.

The director of the Tivoli Marina Hotel, Hugo Gonçalves, joined this “anti-gala” for the delivery of the Best National Actress Award to Lúcia Moniz, for her performance in “Listen”. Ricardo Pereira, in “Golpe de Sol”, was distinguished with the Best National Actor Award, which received from the hands of the Portuguese-French actor and director Ruben Alves. Finally, another recognition of “Listen”, by Ana Rocha de Sousa, with the actor and presenter Fernando Alvim attributing to the Portuguese director the Best National Film Award.

President Vítor Aleixo presented the Career Award – Cinetendinha Tribute Award 2020 Vítor Norte, the multifaceted actor, a reference in the world of cinema, theater and television.

During the session, images of Portuguese films that are scheduled to premiere in 2021 were also presented.

Manuel Baptista, coordinator of the Loulé Film Office, was with Rui Tendinha to talk about the shooting in the municipality of Loulé of the British production “There is always hope”, by Tim Lewiston.

The British singer living in Loulé for many years, Daniel Kemish, was the protagonist of a musical moment when interpreting “Perfect Day”, theme of Lou Reed immortalized on the big screen in the film “Trainspotting”.

The first edition of the Cinetendinha Awards, which took place at the Auditório Solar da Música Nova, in Loulé, was broadcast live on SAPO Mag, on the SAPO portal and on the Cinetendinha website, with a compact version scheduled for SIC Radical for the next Weekend.


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