Civil requisition for transport to Faro airport not fulfilled – Jornal Económico

The Environment Minister, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, said today that none of the six drivers who should have been transporting to Faro airport attended the work, being an “unambiguous” breach of the civil requisition.

Matos Fernandes also said at a press conference at the Ministry of the Environment, in Lisbon, that six members of GNR are already transporting them to that airport.

"The morning started well until 7am," said the governor, reiterating that the minimum services were being met, until the dangerous attorney's trade union attorney's statement that they would not perform minimum services today.

"There was a near-stop period between 7am and 10am," said the minister.

Dangerous goods and goods drivers are now serving the third day of an indefinite strike, which prompted the government to issue a civil requisition on Monday afternoon, alleging non-compliance with minimum services.

On Tuesday, the Minister of Environment and Energy Transition, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, said that 14 workers did not comply with the civil request decreed by the Government.

This morning, the spokesman for the Hazardous Drivers' Union said workers will not perform minimum services or civil requisition, in solidarity with colleagues who were notified for not working on Tuesday.

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