“Civil requisition is an attack on strike. We fulfill the minimum services ”, underlines Pardal Henriques – Jornal Económico

The legal adviser to the Dangerous Drivers' Union stated that if the government proceeds with a civil requisition, it is committing a strike strike and has ensured that the minimum services have been met.

“I see this [requisição civil] as an attack on the strike, because these people performed the minimum services. The Government was not here […], these people left for work, it was just eight o'clock and not the usual 14 or 15 o'clock, ”said Pedro Pardal Henriques, who was speaking to journalists in Aveiras de Cima, Lisbon district.

Prime Minister António Costa said today that the fulfillment of minimum services in the drivers strike changed "from morning to afternoon" and announced the convening of an electronic Council of Ministers to assess the need for civil requisition.

António Costa was speaking to journalists at the Belém Palace in Lisbon, after a meeting with the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, about the drivers' strike, a meeting that lasted about an hour.

The prime minister said that transports conducted by GNR or PSP are already underway.

Motorists are today serving the first day of an indefinite strike with the aim of claiming the Antram employers' association to comply with the agreement signed in May, which provides for a wage increase.

The strike was called by the National Hazardous Material Drivers Union (SNMMP) and the Independent Freight Drivers Union (SIMM) and the Northern Road and Urban Transport Workers Union (STRUN) was also associated with the strike.

The government has enacted minimum services of between 50% and 100% and has declared an energy crisis, which implies “exceptional measures” to minimize the effects of downtime and to ensure the provision of essential services such as security forces and medical emergencies.

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