"Civil society was responsible, it had an attitude of responsibility…" – Rosa Palma / CM Silves

"Civil society was responsible, it had an attitude of responsibility…" - Rosa Palma / CM Silves

As mentioned in first part of the exclusive interview by Rosa Palma, Mayor of Silves, to the daily diariOnline Região Sul, the silvense minister admits that everything suddenly got complicated, the pandemic came “Putting ourselves in a situation that we weren't expecting, came to make us reflect on certain things that we hadn't thought about yet, because nobody expected this to happen, it's a movie thing, this is a completely movie thing…, but the truth is that the culture sector must have been one of those who had the incredibly large gap… ”

Regarding the rescheduling of events Rosa Palma said that she was scheduling some things for the beginning of September, however, taking into account that the Government only allows to schedule events from September 30, "Now I have to reformulate everything, I hope that things can be geared up gradually …"

Regarding a possible return to normality with before Covid-19, the Mayor of Silves reflects that “We’re going to have to live with these rules for a while, we’re going to have to familiarize ourselves with them, at first people will think that…”

Asked if the Algarve region, because it has few cases and few deaths in relation to other regions of the country, will give confidence to tourists, Rosa Palma said that “The Algarve will be attractive, it will be very attractive, because this region, before the State of Emergency, activated the district plan, which means that all Municipalities are interconnected…”

At the end of the interview, Rosa Palma appreciates the attitude that silvenses and algarvians had at the beginning, emphasizing that “Without a doubt civil society was responsible, had an attitude of responsibility, not only in the municipality of Silves but at the level of the Algarve here that I was aware of, but to the 'my' silvenses, without any were very responsible… ”


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