Claranet Launches Global Cybersecurity Unit to Face Growing Computer Crime – Computers

Claranet Launches Global Cybersecurity Unit to Face Growing Computer Crime - Computers

The new unit is the answer to combat the sharp increase in computer attacks in Portugal and globally.

By marking the month dedicated to cybersecurity, there are more and more frequent news related to cyber crime. Whether the Cryptomoedas are apprehended by the Judicial Police related to online scams or the conviction of 20 defendants linked to cyber attacks to public and private institutions. To respond to the increase in computer crime, Clarenet has created a new Global Cybersecurity unit.

The company, a specialist in hosting solutions, public cloud, networks, security and workplace-based service models, intends to offer its customers access to information security services. The focus and consolidation of cybersecurity emerges following the acquisition and integration of SEC-1 and NotSoSecure within the company and an increase in investment in security, above all in Portugal and France. Through these new divisions, Claranet customers will have access to their specialists, dedicated to different security disciplines.

A study by Claranet reports that 69% of IT decision makers who were interviewed failed to effectively protect their customers' data. On the other hand, "45% of technicians had to face challenges related to the security of customer details whenever they tried to improve the digital user experience," the statement said.

Claranet points out that companies, using the services of external partners with in-depth knowledge, can quickly update their security methods and benefit from system updates, given the constant evolution of threats.

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