Clinical safety "is being questioned" warns Medical Staff – Current

Clinical safety "is being questioned" warns Medical Staff - Current

"Clinical safety is being called into question, due to several deficiencies, which start in human capital," Miguel Guimarães told reporters at the end of a meeting in Lisbon with Health Minister Marta Temido.

"And we have said many times that the main characteristic of the National Health Service is people. It is health professionals who do health every day, so that the Portuguese can have a better quality of life, "he said.

According to the bastonário, the deficiencies are not only at the level of human capital, but also at the level of physical conditions of work, equipment and devices.

For this reason, he defended that "it is necessary to take a different attitude in this field" because "the State has to guarantee patient safety, it has to guarantee what is the recommended time for the doctor-patient relationship, so that they can express what they goes in the soul and its clinical history. and have an attitude that is beneficial to them. "

"[Estas questões] have to do with the protection of the patient and have to see as one of the things that we are, or were, or we will continue to be negotiating, which is the medical act, with the Ministry of Health to protect the patient, "he said, : "But we will continue to insist, but blaming this time the Ministry of Health for clinical insecurity."

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