Coimbra receives University Theater Show – Showbiz

Coimbra receives University Theater Show - Showbiz

MTU kicks off on Thursday at the TAGV auditorium with the presentation of CITAC by "Alba, and it is that which mirrored the Sky", a show directed by Matilde Javier Ciria, followed, on June 5, "From Here To Go: Singing and Walking, "from GEFAC, a show dedicated to popular Portuguese polyphonies" and to the crafts and lives of the people who give them voice. "

On 06 June, the TUP presents, in Casa das Caldeiras, "Discipline", a text directed by Daniela Araújo Braga, and the next day "Stabat Mater" is presented, a work by TEUC from a text by Antonio Tarantino , the story of a woman looking for her missing son.

The show ends on June 11 with staged readings of Miranese popular theater by GEFAC.

During MTU, there will also be a workshop in charge of the Brazilian Júnior Lima, entitled "The Body in State of Presence and Listening".

Fernando Matos de Oliveira also said that the university group of Granada Skaenika Teatro, for reasons of agenda, does not appear in the show, but later appears in the TAGV, on July 19, with the piece "Ifigenia en Áulide", from of Euripides.

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