Collection of the Algarve artist Maria Keil to be inventoried and deposited in a museum

Collection of the Algarve artist Maria Keil to be inventoried and deposited in a museum

The Ministry of Culture signed a protocol with Francisco Keil do Amaral, son of Maria Keil, to carry out the inventory of the estate of the Algarve artist, born in Silves, and deposit it in a museum of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

Under the terms of this protocol, the realization of the inventory will be complemented by the study, investigation, conservation, interpretation and exhibition of the artist's estate, consisting of about two thousand pieces that span her entire artistic career, in the areas of drawing , painting, tile, illustration, furniture and tapestry, as well as archival documentation and correspondence.

The knowledge of Maria Keil's work “proves to be fundamental for the preservation and dissemination of the national artistic heritage”, points out the government.

The exhaustive work of inventory and packaging of the pieces in the collection will be carried out through a technical team specially designated for this purpose.

Each piece of the estate will have a computerized form that will integrate a set of criteria, from denominations / titles, descriptions or photographic records.

After completing the inventory, this collection of Maria Keil will be placed in deposit at a national museological institution of the DGPC, which will also take care of all the necessary acts for the investigation, study, protection, conservation, security, dissemination, cultural promotion and exhibition of the deposited pieces, with full respect for the principles established in the Framework Law of Museums.

“Being a strategic objective of the government to give women artists the visibility and recognition due to their role in the culture and history of the arts in Portugal, the Ministry of Culture, through DGPC, also commits itself to carry out research programs and itinerant exhibitions , in order to make known the life and work of Maria Keil, in articulation with the strategy for the exhibition of the works of art that integrate the Collection of Contemporary Art of the State ”, it refers, in a statement.

In pursuit of this objective, and within the scope of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, a protocol has already been signed between the Ministry of Culture and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for the realization of a major exhibition based on works by Portuguese women artists, which will be presented at Bozar, in Brussels, in the first semester of 2021, following, in the second semester, to the Center for Contemporary Creation Olivier Debré, in the French city of Tours, within the scope of the «Portugal-France Cross Season».

“In the 21st century, nothing is consolidated in gender equality. Therefore, it is essential that we continue with initiatives and programs that reverse, contradict or rebalance the historic erasure to which female artists and their productions have always been subject ”, commented the Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca.

Maria Keil (1914-2012), a native of Silves, was one of the most important Portuguese painters and illustrators.


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