"Colors and shapes of our artists" already has winners

"Colors and shapes of our artists" already has winners

Catarina Ramos, with the work "Introspection", Guilherme Limão with "Dreaming far from the World" and Júlio Antão with "Resilience" are the big winners of the 2020 edition of the contest "Colors and Forms of Our Artists", a biennial event , organized by the Municipality of Albufeira, since 1997, with the objective of promoting and valuing natural artists or residents in the municipality in the areas of painting, sculpture and drawing. Despite the alteration of the rules of the contest due to Covid 19, which forced the participants to only be able to apply with one work, instead of a minimum of two and a maximum of four from previous editions, the initiative was quite popular, having with the participation of 30 authors.

The jury of the contest “Colors and Forms of Our Artists”, made up of Rosa Trindade (painter), Luís Nunes Alberto (artisan) and Rui Gregório (photographer) met, last June 30, with a view to deciding on the winners and which honorable mentions to give to the participants of the 2020 edition.

In the end, it was decided to attribute the following classifications: 1st Prize: “Introspection”, painting, by Catarina Ramos; 2nd Prize: “Dreaming far from the World” painting, by Guilherme Limão (winner of the 2018 edition); 3rd Prize: “Resilience”, sculpture, by Júlio Antão.

At the same time, honorable mentions were attributed to the works “Fase Negra – The Fragility of Life”, painting, by Sandra Caetano; “Silêncio do Mar”, painting, by Sílvia Guerreiro and “Quarentena”, painting, by Fernando Cardoso.

It should be noted that the first three classifieds will be awarded with monetary prizes in the amount of € 750.00 (1st prize), € 500.00 (2nd prize) and € 250.00 (3rd prize), to be delivered when the opening of the Exhibition, which is scheduled for next August, at the João Bailote Municipal Gallery, next to the City Hall.

In addition to the aforementioned works, the exhibition will include the following works selected by the competition jury: “With fragments of my street, everything is done” Joaquim Veiga; “Sorrows”, Anabela Alambre; “Visions” Maria Irene Carolas; “Intersections”, Fernanda Nogueira; “Seiva”, Sónia Guerreiro; "We", Bruno Ceriz; “Bust”, Alberto Coudel; “Autobiography of a story”, Alexandre Siqueira; “A Solidão city” André Varandas; “In Search of World Peace”, Sónia Fernandes; “9 200 000 Km2”, Hugo dos Santos; "It's tea time" Brian Mehl; “Wild Flowers”, José Dâmaso; “Golden Leaves”, Hans van Hoogdalem; “Abstract Landscape”, José Fernandes; “Dom Covid” Luís Filipe Romão (Zorba); “Novo Horizonte”, Taras Panovyk; “Cerro do Malpique”, Sílvia Serapio; “Susana” António Correia; “Algarve” Rosa Barriga Vieira; “Entrelinhas” Maria Bárbara Reis, “Without water” Maria Zélia Ribeiro; “Clave de Sol” Ana Luísa Soares and “Reencontros” by Susana Gonçalves.

The exhibition “Colors and Forms of Our Artists” will be open to the public at the João Bailote Municipal Gallery, from August 14 to September 19.


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