Comics: Over 160 digitally edited Japanese stories in Portugal – Showbiz

Comics: Over 160 digitally edited Japanese stories in Portugal - Showbiz

"We bet in e-book format, because it's the fastest way to spread [BD] and [para] promote the growth of comics in Portugal. Because it lacks the graphic cost and distribution, digital costs about 40 percent less than print and reaches even the most remote locations, "Brazilian editor Júlio Moreno told Lusa.

JBC Portugal has been operating in the Portuguese publishing market for about a year, having debuted with Shirow Masamune's BD edition "The Ghost in the Shell", which is considered one of the most emblematic of manga. Japanese comic book).

In digital format will be available this work, but also titles such as "Knights of Sidonia" by Nihei Tsutomu, "Fairy Tail" by Hiro Mashima, or "Battle Angel Alita" by Yukito Kishiro, all in Brazilian Portuguese.

In addition to an initial catalog of more than 160 titles, the JBC publisher will publish new chapters of two titles in Portugal on the same day they are released in Japan.

This means that Portugal "officially becomes part of the select seven countries that are on the map of the world launch of mangoes on the same day as Japan: the United States, France, South Korea, Thailand, China and Brazil," explained the editor.

According to Júlio Moreno, the Portuguese comic book market, and in particular the manga market, "will grow, especially with the new generations. [de leitores] who are more intimate with digital and who will later buy the print versions. "

The publisher JBC was created in 1992, in Japan, to bring Japanese closer to Brazilians, then expanded to Brazil, where it started to edit much of what is made of Japanese comics.

Júlio Moreno, born in São Paulo, editor of the Brazilian stamp, bet on the release of the publisher also in Portugal. In addition to "The Ghost in the Shell", he edited "Akira", "The Dog Guarding the Stars" and "Attack of the Titans".

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