Cool Manouche live in the Republic 14

Cool Manouche act in the Republic 14 - Jornal diariOnline South Region

Cool Manouche, a gypsy jazz reference in the Algarve, will perform at Re-Criativa República 14, in Olhão, tomorrow, Saturday, August 1, from 9:30 pm.

The quartet's repertoire is inspired by the classics of Django Reinhardt, Stochelo Rosenberg or Tchavolo Schmitt.

The group consists of Luís Fialho and Ray Bartlett on electric guitars, Rick Steffens on double bass and Betty M., violinist and singer.

The outer space of the Republic 14 is prepared with all the conditions to welcome the public in total security, in view of the social distance rules imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A grid painted on the outside divides the yard into 1.5-meter squares, making it “easy enough” to comply with the required distance. Circulation is done by separate circulation circuits that avoid crossing the public.

Reservations can be made by electronic contact [email protected]


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