Coronavirus is the theme of the 4th FARTOON – Faro Cartoons Show

Coronavirus is the theme of the 4th FARTOON - Faro Cartoons Show

Faro 1540 – Association for the Defense and Promotion of Environmental Heritage opened registration for the 4th edition of FARTOON – Faro Cartoons Exhibition, under the theme «Coronavirus and its effects on the relationship with the environment and society».

“We live in exceptional moments! From one moment to the next, we were forced to readjust our way of life and live with the daily anxiety triggered by a sea of ​​uncertainties caused by the pandemic. The impact of the coronavirus is yet to be defined and it is believed that it will take a few decades to interpret the real meaning of this global pandemic in our lives ”, says the association.

Faro 1540 intends that participants "explore the unprecedented social, economic, political, cultural and environmental repercussions and impacts and the society that must emerge after this crisis".

All national or foreign citizens can participate individually or in a group, and their registration is free, just by filling out an application form and sending their work (via CTT or email) to the organization, until the 31st December 2020.

Each participant can compete with a maximum of three works. The works will be evaluated by a suitable jury composed of five elements.

The works selected by the jury will be on display at an exhibition taking place in Faro, in March 2021, and it is expected that later it will be exhibited in some other municipalities in the Algarve.

The contest rules can be consulted here and additional information can be requested by email [email protected]


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