Corruption and qualified fraud are crimes investigated at the Hospital de Cascais – O Jornal Económico

Corruption and qualified mockery are crimes investigated in the investigation that prompted on Monday searches at the Hospital of Cascais and the headquarters of the Lusíadas Health Group in Lisbon, the District Attorney General of Lisbon (PGDL) reported today.

According to PGDL, physical and digital documentation was seized in the operation initiated to comply with search warrants issued by the Public Prosecutor's Office and the criminal investigation judge (JIC).

The PGDL also reveals that three witnesses were interviewed and no defendants were established.

The Public Prosecution Service (MP) states that in this survey it was aided by the General Inspection of Health Activities (IGAS) of the Ministry of Health.

The investigation proceeds under the direction of the 3rd Section of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) of Sintra, the MP being assisted by the Judicial Police.

On Monday, after conducting the searches, Cascais Hospital said it was "fully cooperating with IGAS and the Judiciary Police", within the scope of the investigation conducted by the DIAP of Sintra.

On May 15, it was announced that the Public Prosecutor's Office (MP) has opened an investigation to investigate complaints that point to false data at the Hospital de Cascais.

The initiative came as a result of a report issued by the SIC in which current and former officials report cases of falsifying data in patient files and changes in the screening system in the urgency to increase the revenues that are paid to the public-private partnership.

The day before, the Ministry of Health had also determined to the Regional Health Administration the opening of an inspection process to clarify the denunciations involving the Hospital de Cascais.

Reports from former and current officials collected in the reporting claim that they were pushed to lighten symptoms or the patient's case, so that the Manchester triage algorithms gave a green rather than yellow bracelet color, for example, the maximum waiting times were not exceeded.

Non-compliance with waiting times causes the hospital to incur financial penalties.

The Lusíadas Group, which manages the Hospital de Cascais, denied involvement of Hospital administration in any of the reported situations, but indicated that an analysis would be made, indicating that if there were any of the issues raised, it should be due to the individual behavior of professionals .

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