Costa challenges PSD and CDS-PP to vote against teachers' diploma – Jornal Econômico

PS's Secretary-General, António Costa, today criticized the PSD and CDS-PP's position on the teachers' diploma, challenging the two parties to vote against the proposal in plenary.

"If the PSD and the CDS voted without knowing what they were voting have a very simple solution: when the vote reaches the plenary vote against and amend the mistake they made by voting what they did not know they were voting," he challenged.

On Thursday, the parliament approved an amendment to the Government's decree, with the PS votes against and the support of all other political forces, stipulating that the time of service to be recovered by the teachers is nine years, four months and two days claimed by the teachers' unions.

António Costa spoke during a dinner with militants and socialist sympathizers, as part of a pre-campaign action for the European elections, at the Secondary School of Campo Maior (Portalegre), where several figures of the PS were also present, among them the head of socialist list to the European ones, Pedro Marques.

For António Costa, if PSD and CDS-PP, however, "repented" of what they voted for, "have a good remedy", changing their position in order not to make feasible the proposal that "calls into question" public finances and credibility the country.

"Now they do not want to deceive the Portuguese or the teachers, because they now come to talk about braking and conditioning, it is to confess what was truly their project, a hand full of nothing for the teachers and a huge silent account for all the Portuguese to pay, "he said.

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