Costa da Caparica beaches to be closed in August to restore sand – The Jornal Econômico

The beaches of Costa da Caparica will be closed at the same time in August due to the need to restore the beach levels. The operation is expected to begin later this month, as soon as the work has a 'green light' from the Court of Auditors, according to the 'Diario de Notícias' (DN).

At stake are the work of placing one million cubic meters of sand on the various beaches in this area, which forces the blockade for periods of five days. Although the calendar is not yet public, the DN refers that the beach of Tarquínio-Paraíso closes the baths between August 19 and 24 and before are the beaches of Saúde and Nova.

"The pumping of sand to land can only be done with a ripple below two meters and the wind can also influence. It also has to do with the tides – the distance between the low-sea and the beach-sea, "José Ricardo Martins, the president of the Costa da Caparica Town Council, told the daily.

Already the president of the Association Supports of Beach Front Urban of the Coast of Caparica regrets the choice of the "bad" date. "In our case, we have to take everything from the beach of Tarquínio-Paraiso to August 18. What we do? Do not we pay people this week? "Asks Acacio Bernardo, still owner of a bar.

The filling of Costa da Caparica's beaches with sand removed offshore and transported to land (by a pipe placed on a boat) was announced in March by the Ministry of the Environment and will cost 6.3 million euros, and this amount involves community funding.

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