Costa guarantees that the President of the Republic has been permanently informed – The Economic Journal

Costa guarantees that the President of the Republic has been permanently informed - The Economic Journal

The Prime Minister said today that during the fuel crisis and negotiations between drivers of dangerous substances and sector bosses, the President of the Republic was always informed by the Government about the evolution of the process.

"In this case, as in all others, the Government has always complied, without any complaint by the President of the Republic, with the duty to keep it permanently informed of matters relevant to the internal and external governance of the country," he told the agency Lusa António Costa, after questioning the extent to which the head of state was aware of the evolution of events and the strategic line followed by the executive to bring the strike union closer and the National Association of Freight Carriers (ANTRAM).

"Over last night [de quarta-feira], I had the opportunity to speak with the President of the Republic several times about the first negotiation, "said the executive leader, referring to the phase in which the Government had as its goal to extend the coverage of the minimum services to the entire national territory in the fuel supply.

Already today, according to the prime minister, "soon between 06:00 and 08:00, the Government had the opportunity to inform the head of the Civil House [da Presidência da República] – and in advance – of the conclusion of the agreement which had been obtained to overcome the strike situation ".

"As always, we keep the President of the Republic abreast and informed of all matters that concern the country's governance, as it is our duty and, as a matter of fact, has contributed very positively to the excellent relationship of institutional cooperation that has existed between President of the Republic and Government, "added António Costa.

The dangerous drivers' strike came to an end this morning after the union and ANTRAM agreed early in the morning.

In the signed agreement, ANTRAM and the National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers (SNMMP) undertake to conclude a collective bargaining process by December 31.

Collective bargaining should be based on the following valuation principles: individualisation of the activity under the salary scale, risk subsidy, special training, specific life insurance and specific medical examinations.

The national strike of dangerous goods drivers began at 00:00 on Monday, convened by SNMMP.

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