Costa rejects confrontation with Marcelo on regionalization – The Economic Journal

The secretary general of the PS, António Costa, refuses, in an interview published this Saturday to Expresso, a confrontation with the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, on regionalization.

"The worst thing that could happen to those who advocate regionalization … was to rush into a confrontation with the President of the Republic, with a risk of jeopardizing for another 20 years" the process, says António Costa, on the day the PS starts with a series of four thematic conventions, culminating in a national convention in July, whose objective is to build the electoral program for the legislative ones.

In this regard, the prime minister also admits that "the President himself may have evolved in his reflection over the last few years", reiterating that "the PS has always been in favor of regionalization."

"But then we have to evaluate the political opportunity of introducing the issue, knowing that the current President of the Republic was the champion of the fight against regionalization," adds António Costa.

After considering Marcelo as "champion of the fight against regionalization", the socialist considers that the leader of the PSD, Rui Rio, was 20 years ago "a runner-up" and "today is one of the great advocates of regionalization."

In the interview to the weekly, the PS leader proposes to "reinforce the instruments to combat corruption and the means of research."

On the civil service, António Costa anticipates the possibility of "annual salary updating" and "filling the gaps in recruitment of public administration personnel", as well as "significantly revising the remuneration levels of its senior technicians."

"The senior technicians have to have significant salary differentiation factors, otherwise the state will no longer be competitive in hiring qualified personnel for the public administration," said the prime minister.

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