Costa rejects intentional political crisis and says it sought to avoid "budget crisis" – The Economic Journal

"It was not the Government that changed the situation, it was not the Government," António Costa told TVI, adding that when he announced that he had informed the President of the Republic that the Government would resign if the parliament approves The final overall vote on the teachers' diploma did not seek a "political crisis" but, on the contrary, tried to "avoid a budget crisis".

According to António Costa, an end-of-term government can not "be committing the country in this way to the future budget".

"From the beginning of the legislature to date, the EPP, BE or PCP have never been surprised" by the positions they have taken, "the PM said.

Although he has been repeatedly asked whether the parliamentary support agreements that the PS signed with these parties can be maintained in the future, António Costa did not respond directly.

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