Costa's obsession with Madeira does not convince PSD or CDS – The Jornal Econômico

"For us there are no MEPs. The Autonomous Region of the Azores (RAA) has its candidate for MEP and the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) has its candidate for MEP and the two will be elected next Sunday, "stressed the Secretary General of the Socialist Party, António Coast.

António Costa participated last Sunday in a rally in Madeira Tecnopolo, as part of the campaign for the European elections. In an initiative that had about 1,000 people, António Costa even said that he had "an obsession with Madeira", because "Porto Santo and Madeira are no less than any region of the continent and Madeira and Porto Santo are no less Portuguese than any other Portuguese. "

The leader of the socialists said that Portugal and Europe are larger than the RAA and the RAM and considered it essential that Madeira is at the center of the construction of the European process.

António Costa emphasized that the PS wanted to have a representative of the Region on the list for the European Parliament: "There is no list representing our whole country that does not have a clearly visible position in the RAM, a Madeiran such as Sara Cerdas" adding that the Madeiran candidate is not only representing Madeira but also "a new generation of Portuguese, a generation that is 30 years old, which was born after our accession to the European Union."

Fleeing the issue of Europeans, the Secretary General of the PS also wanted to address the issue of regional, mentioning the change of government "which has already proved possible in the Government of the Republic, which had already proved possible in the Government of the Azores and in the four municipal councils that PS leads in RAM, "and that it hopes to happen in the Region.

"This is the change we will prove possible when, on September 22, Madeira and Porto Santo choose Paulo Cafôfo to be the next president of the Regional Government of Madeira," he said.

António Costa also left a word for "our compatriots living in Venezuela".

PSD Response

For the PSD, António Costa brought "a hand full of nothing" and "seized the opportunity to ask for, once again, confidence in those who did nothing for Madeira and Porto Santo."

"It is difficult to accept that it is affirmed that Madeirans and Porto Santoans are Portuguese equal to the rest of the national territory when it is the exclusive fault of the Socialist Party that daily feels this discrimination," said the Secretary General of the PSD Wood, José Prada.

José Prada points out that there is no reason for António Costa to "attack" the Region, since in terms of Community funds, Madeira has higher indicators than the national ones, especially in the implementation rate / payments, 39% plus 4 percentage points than at national level, and the commitment rate of 81%, also 3 percentage points above.

The Secretary-General of the PSD even underlines that the instruments available through Community funds "have been supporting us much more than the State itself", considering the argument of the consolidation of public accounts, referred to by António Costa, as "absurd" when it is known that, in this Region, the global debt has been successively reduced, unlike what has happened in the Azores and in the Republic. "

As for the word left to the Venezuelans, the PSD stresses that the socialism that led that country to the crisis "is the same as António Costa wants to replicate in the Region."

CDS Response

The Madeira CDS-PP candidate for the European elections, Margarida Pocinho, said that António Costa "is very welcome" to Madeira, but says that the Secretary General of the PS and prime minister has not reciprocated the hospitality dedicated to him by Madeirans.

"He has come to Madeira many times, but always as a doctor's visit, to deal only with political-party issues, issues that have nothing to do with the problems of Madeiran people," stressing that António Costa is prime minister of all Portuguese , including Madeira.

Margarida Pocinho also pointed out that the Prime Minister does not comply with what is established in the Constitution in relation to territorial continuity and the ferry line between the mainland and Madeira, does not review the social mobility allowance, also highlighting the problems with the TAP, both in terms of the "exorbitant prices" of travel and lack of flights ".

"We all know that António Costa has the skills to help Madeira, if he did not, he does not want to help us," said the candidate.

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