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The Council of Ministers approved today, Thursday, a series of measures that involve moratorium on the payment of rents and the extension or suspension of credits, in the scope of mitigating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The decree-laws establish “exceptional measures to support and protect families, companies and other entities of the social economy, to ensure the strengthening of their treasury and liquidity, mitigating the effects of the reduction of economic activity”.

Since the financial system “has a special duty to participate in this joint effort due to its essential role in financing the economy”, a six-month moratorium was approved, until September 30, 2020, which provides for a ban on the revocation of credit lines. contracted credit and the extension or suspension of credits until the end of this period, in order to guarantee the continuity of financing to families and companies and to prevent possible non-compliances.

A law proposal was also approved, to be submitted to the Assembly of the Republic, which creates an exceptional and temporary system of arrears in the payment of rent – residential and non-residential – and enables the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) to granting rent payment loans to tenants who have experienced income shortages.

Ministers also approved a diploma that establishes an exceptional and temporary measure for the protection of jobs, through measures such as the temporary reduction of the normal working period or the suspension of the employment contract, provided that employers do not opt ​​for collective dismissal or by the extinction of the job, extending the simplified layoff to a wider set of situations.

Another of the approved decree-laws creates an exceptional and temporary regime of justified absences motivated by assistance to the family and another that aims to facilitate and encourage the use of electronic payment instruments, to the detriment of traditional ones.

The government has determined exceptional and temporary measures in the cultural and artistic sphere, to ensure “special protection” for cultural agents involved in the performance of shows canceled due to the state of emergency in force.

The Covid-19 pandemic has already infected around 510,000 people in more than 190 countries and regions, causing more than 23,000 deaths.

In Portugal, which has been in a state of emergency since March 19, the Directorate-General for Health recorded, until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, 25, 3,544 cases of infection (89 in the Algarve) and 60 deaths (one in the Algarve region).



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