Council PSD / Lisboa reiterates that Teresa Leal Coelho will not continue to represent the party – Jornal Económico

The PSD Lisbon Council reiterated today that Councilwoman Teresa Leal Coelho has “no legitimacy” to speak on behalf of the party in matters related to the city, after its political confidence has been withdrawn.

The position of the mayor, Rogério Jóia, comes a day after the councilwoman assured her that she would remain in the Lisbon City Council, as mayor of the PSD, until the end of the mandate attributed to her by voters, despite the fact that she was removed from office. political confidence.

The Lisbon council of the PSD announced at dawn on Wednesday that it has decided to remove political confidence for Teresa Leal Coelho, stressing that Councilman João Pedro Costa will become the only representative of the party in the municipality.

In a statement issued today, Rogério Jóia reaffirms that the decision "was based on statutory terms and is an eminently political decision."

“Teresa Leal Coelho no longer has any legitimacy to speak on behalf of the PSD on matters relating to Lisbon, nor does she perform any duties on her behalf. Their persistence in intent to the contrary will only result in misunderstanding among the public, which will be immediately and promptly denied by the competent party organs ”, emphasizes the president of the council.

“In these terms, the mandate that Teresa Leal Coelho intends to exercise in the Lisbon City Council will be solely sole, as sole sole has been her position against the deliberation of the PSD Lisbon”, reinforces.

Rogério Jóia also points out that "the falsehoods" pronounced by the councilor regarding this process are subject to "disciplinary action under the Discipline Regulations of the PSD".

In the deliberation approved at the council meeting on Tuesday night, the Social Democrats begin by justifying the decision to withdraw political confidence by the fact that the councilwoman voted in favor of the reinstatement of former Town Councilor Manuel Salgado to the presidency. of the board of directors of the municipal company SRU – Society for Urban Rehabilitation, disrespecting the voting orientation indicated by the council, and allowing the approval of the proposal.

In the document signed by the mayor of Lisbon's PSD, Teresa Leal Coelho is also accused of a “total lack of coordination with the party organs in the city, substantiated by the verification of some divergent votes with the other PSD councilman. [João Pedro Costa]in matters that are politically sensitive and where – certainly by coincidence – the PS was isolated and without the support of its local management partner [BE]"

On Wednesday, speaking to Lusa, Teresa Leal Coelho said she would continue to represent the party in the House and “end her term always in the realization of the electoral program” she presented to the 2017 local elections as the PSD's list leader.

The councilwoman also criticized the council of Lisbon, considering that "the group of people who gravitate in that structure" does not represent the PSD, because the party "is much more than that".

“What this group of people can do is these demonstrations of removing political trust, now what they cannot do is to withdraw my mandate and mandate as councilor of the PSD, because the law, the law, the Portuguese Constitution does not allow so I think we have to focus on the problems that the city of Lisbon has, ”he said.

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