Court warns of illegal health insurance and risk of fraud with travel of deputies – The Economic Journal

Court warns of illegal health insurance and risk of fraud with travel of deputies - The Economic Journal

MEPs are entitled to health insurance illegally, according to the Court of Auditors, which also warns of the possibility of tax fraud with the trips paid to the parliamentarians of the islands due to lack of supervision.

The position of the Court of Auditors (ToC) is published today by newspaper i, on the day the Assembly of the Republic's Board of Directors meets in emergency and in which Ferro Rodrigues called an extraordinary leaders conference "to try to minimize the public impact conclusions "of the document.

The TdC warns that, in addition to having access to the ADSE (social protection system of the public service) and a medical and nursing office in parliament, they are entitled to health insurance, which the court says is illegal .

According to newspaper i, in 2007 the State Budget Law started to prevent "any public financing of private social protection or health care systems", and the TDC judges that "health insurance is covered by this standard".

"The TdC judges warn that the enhanced value law is still in force, with a ban on budgets and entities in the general government sectors financing health insurance," the paper writes.

That is why, he adds, the ToC ends: "insurance should have already ceased" and "it lacks adequate legal standing to remain in force".

According to the opinion of the Public Prosecutor's Office, the expenses of the Assembly of the Republic (AR) "are subject to the principles of legality, regularity, economy, efficiency and effectiveness. efficiency, "stressing that health insurance" violates the law. "

Another of the TdC's alerts on the RA accounts is the lack of control on the islanders' travels, judging that there is a "high risk" of unpaid journeys being made, and that such situations are "insusceptible" detected. "

In addition to the lack of control of travel, the CoC warns of the risk of tax evasion by Members, noting that the biographical records of MEPs are outdated.

These data include, for example, out-of-date identification documents and information on dependents and "may still be the residence address", by which the distance to the RA is calculated to define the value of the weekly allowance for travels.

The judges of the TdC also want the parliament to comply with the proposal made by the Ethics Subcommittee and reduce the amount set for the travel allowances of the deputies of Madeira and the Azores.

The TDC considers that "the travel control mechanism should be reviewed and that the amount paid weekly to Members residing in Madeira or the Azores should take into account the social mobility allowance paid by the State through which the citizens of the islands receive the reimbursement of the amount paid for the plane ticket, "the newspaper writes.

The legal regime of the parliament provides that all Members of Madeira and the Azores receive a fixed subsidy of 500 euros per week to support a plane trip to the islands.

This compensation is due even if MEPs do not travel and are paid without requiring proof, the newspaper writes, adding that in total, in 2017 parliament paid 3.1 million euros, according to the DoC audit, sent on Tuesday, the President of the RA and the Parliament's Board of Directors.

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