"Cowards" and "traitors." Drivers revolt with colleagues who want to "please the bosses" – Jornal Económico

The departure of tanker trucks this afternoon from the Logistics Fuel Company (CLC) in Aveiras de Cima, in the Lisbon district, sparked outrage at the concentrated picket there, which insulted the drivers who drove them.

“Cowards” and “traitors” were some of the words spoken by a group of workers in the face of the departure of some colleagues with the trucks on the second day of the drivers strike.

According to Lusa on the spot, despite the exaltation of the strikers, there was no need for police escort for the drivers driving the tanker trucks.

“We are very sorry that there are workers selling themselves for so little,” another striking worker went on, not wanting to be identified.

By 4:00 pm, around two dozen drivers on strike were gathering at CLC's headquarters in the village of Aveiras de Cima, in the Azambuja municipality, district of Lisbon, who are spending their time talking about their situation.

Also on the scene was Pardal Henriques, spokesman for the National Hazardous Drivers Union (SNMMP), who told reporters that the whole situation surrounding the strike is demotivating workers.

"They feel betrayed and it is important to keep these people motivated," said Pardal Henriques.

At the end of the first day of the drivers strike, the Government decreed the civil request, alleging non-compliance with the minimum services.

The Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Tiago Antunes, after a meeting of the executive electronically, justified the measure by the Government that the unions that called the strike of drivers of goods and dangerous goods “did not ensure the minimum services ”, particularly in the afternoon shift.

The strike that began indefinitely on Monday was called by the SNMMP and the Independent Freight Drivers Union (SIMM) to claim from the National Association of Public Road Hauliers (Antram) that the agreement signed in May, which provides for a wage increase.

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