CP workers once again claim integration of EMEF – O Jornal Econômico

The Comboios de Portugal (CP) Committee of Workers "took the liberty" of addressing a letter to the Minister of Infrastructures, Pedro Nuno Santos, stating that the company needs without delay more workers, "from the immediate reintegration of EMEF into the CP "And the" reconstruction of the Engineering Department "of the company.

The alternative scenario, the letter says, is the possible occurrence of an accident: "we can not wait, Mr. Minister, for an accident with tragic consequences. Neither you nor us railwaymen. "

"We insist that only the reintegration of EMEF, E, in the Maintenance of Railway Equipment, in the CP, lightening the chain of command that goes from the technical knowledge established here to the workshop and production expertise of EMEF, can guarantee to CP the availability, reliability and safety of its rolling stock and thereby ensure compliance with the railway public service we seek, we and the Minister, "the missive says.

The letter – written to be made public – also says that "this solution would represent an enormous economic gain, even taking into account the salary adjustments resulting from this integration". It is that the two companies "umbilically linked" are not effective under the client versus vendor logic, which is the one that is currently in 'use'.

"As is evident today, EMEF's growing profits are not only due to CP's losses. Much more serious than this is the growing unavailability of CP rolling stock, the deterioration of safety conditions and quality of service, the letter concludes.

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