Craft of "caldeiraria" analyzed in Loulé – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Craft of "caldeiraria" analyzed in Loulé - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Next Thursday, April 11, at 6:00 p.m., another talk about crafts will be held at the Loulé Commercial and Industrial Atheneum, in an initiative of the Municipality of Loulé through the Loulé Creative project. This time the talk will be about the art of working copper and brass, bringing together old and new masters to speak and reflect on the past, the present and future prospects for the cauldron in Loulé and in the region.

In addition to the boilers, other experts and professionals, namely designers, decorators, architects, are challenged to reflect on new possibilities of use and new products.

Working copper to produce parts needed for domestic life or even industrial production is a very old activity. In Loulé there existed boilermakers in the first years after the Christian conquest, since the office is mentioned in the charter given to the village by D. Afonso III in 1266.

Even the mining activity had expression here. In the periphery of the Iberian pyrite range that extends from the Baixo Alentejo to El Andévalo and Rio Tinto in Andalusia, the Municipality of Loulé has previously recorded mining activity in copper exploration, as evidenced by mining records in the interior of the municipality.

In the last century, the "Barracha", "Carrilho" and more recently the "Caldeiraria Louletana" by Ilídio Marques, who entered the twentieth century, encouraged and gave the city of Loulé the sonority of rhythmic hammering in copper and brass, producing manually pots, casseroles, cataplanas, chocolate bars, stills, chimneys and other pieces.

After the interregnum of almost ten years, the office returned to give life to the city in 2017, in the space where the "Caldeiraria Louletana" had previously operated and from the transmission of knowledge to a small group of apprentices through Analide Carmo who had become a master at the age of 26, after 14 years of apprenticeship at the Barracha Cauldron.

Sharing memories, knowledge and reflection on the past, the present and the future of the cauldron is the main objective of this initiative that is part of the promotion component of the arts and crafts of the Loulé Creative Project

The entrance is free.



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