Create a Smart City app in less than 48 hours? Fiware Foundation says it's possible – Computers

Create a Smart City app in less than 48 hours? Fiware Foundation says it's possible - Computers

Among the conferences, workshops and exhibitions of ICT 2018 there is also room for programmers to showcase their development capabilities. Fiware Challenge challenges nearly 20 teams to respond to 4 challenges.

Fiware ICT Challenge Vienna was designed with the city of Vienna and allows developers to take advantage of the open platform and the Fiware ecosystem, but also the support of the entire Fiware Foundation team that can help overcome some difficulties, as explained to SAPO TEK Stefano de Panfilis, COO and one of the foundation members at ICT 2018.

Forty-eight hours is the time given to pre-registered teams, and some who made last-minute registrations, to prepare an application that can make cities a better place to live, using real-time data from the city of Vienna, other sources of data and the open source components Fiware.

In this competition are four specific challenges: Smarter Together that intends to create travel guides and gamification model to alert to energy efficiency; Inform, Engage and Participate that intends to create a performance cockpit, also related to energy; Discover Open Data, which wants to massify the use of the 20 thousand datasets available in Austrian portals; the Wien Energi that intends to develop a management and maintenance application of smart energy that has attention to supply and demand.

During the launching of the competition the teams received a briefing of the challenges and rules of the competition, as well as the exchange of information between the projects and the fusion of ideas. Then it is time to schedule, and gauge the developments through several intermediate Pitch to the other teams.

At the end of the 48 hours the results obtained are analyzed by a jury and the winner will be announced tomorrow at the closing ceremony, being entitled to a cash prize of 10 thousand euros. But the results do not have to be limited to use in Vienna, as Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the Foundation, points out that there are several cities in the world that are using Fiware, and Montevideo is one of the good examples with a large scale solution. about 500 remote control sensors for traffic management.

The platform is mostly used by small and medium-sized businesses, but "it is difficult to measure the impact and size of the Firewire user community," TEF Stefano of Panfilis told SAPO. Every day there are downloads and access to technical documentation that helps to develop applications based on the platform, so all indicators point to the development of the number of programmers interested and to use Fiware.

The Foundation also wants to develop links with Universities to increase the use of the platform in an academic context, thereby disseminating knowledge and promoting the use of this open source tool that was funded by the European Union through the Horizon program.

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