Creating holograms could be the next "scene" of Samsung smartphones – Mobile

Creating holograms could be the next "scene" of Samsung smartphones - Mobile

After the foldable screen, Samsung shows that it may be thinking of investing in other technologies "reinforcing" the functions of smartphones.

We know that patent registrations do not always have practical application and become reality, but sometimes it happens. And after making sure that it will be among the pioneers in the adoption of folding screens, Samsung has made it clear that holograms also interest you.

This is because the South Korean manufacturer entered, earlier this year, with a patent application in WIPO and USPTO for a holographic 3D screen phone. According to the German portal Lets Go Digital, the patent was approved at the end of November.

According to the technical specifications described, the functionality is based on a set of micro lenses integrated in the surface of the screen, coordinated by a spatial light modulator (SLM), which ensures the unification of the image to correctly form the hologram, which is designed with the help of a beam of light. In this way the phone would have the ability to generate high quality 3D images out of your screen.

Unlike what we see on Nintendo 3DS or RED Hydrogen One, holograms could be seen from any angle – yes, even to the genre of science fiction films like Star Wars.

To achieve this promise, Samsung would have the first smartphone with 3D holographic screen for the masses, although it is still difficult to envisage practical and useful applications in this sense for "normal" users.

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