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The original proposal is from the Left Bloc, but both Socialists and Social Democrats agree on the creation of a new entity that centralizes the receipt and inspection of the declarations of income and patrimony of high public and political positions, the "Público" reports this Wednesday -market. However, PCP and CDS-PP disagree with this new entity.

When the blocs proposed the creation of this new body about a year ago, the communist and centrist blocs were open to studying the case, but now they disagree with the proposal and refuse to consider what they say is a kind of "policing police "According to the morning paper.

The new entity would be called Transparency Entity and would work with the Constitutional Court (TC). The idea is that it be constituted by a president and two vowels, all elected in a list presented and voted by the plenary of the Constitutional.

The proposal was discussed on Tuesday in the Eventual Commission for the Reassembly of Transparency in Public Functions, one of the differences between the party forces being the composition of the new body.

The PS and PSD do not want one of the vowels to be necessarily an accountant. Still, all parties agree that the new entity – if its creation materializes – is endowed with means.

Currently, oversight of the declarations of income and assets of senior public and political officials is one of the functions of the TC, which is already demanding more human, technical and financial resources.

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