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The progression of careers in the civil service, especially that of teachers, continues to cause controversy and discord among the various parties. The CDS-PP leader, Assunção Cristas, spoke to the country and defended the party's position on this issue.

Assunção Cristas accused António Costa of creating a political crisis based on three lies. A day after the prime minister's announcement and assuming that he resigned only if full thawing were approved by Parliament, the CDS leader once again explained the party's position on the issue in a lengthy publication on its social network Facebook .

"If the principle is the thawing, the CDS does not accept this laundering of the decisions of José Sócrates nor the socialist disclaimer," he said in the first lines. "One thing is the time of freezing, another, different, is the payment. Being that it is not and never was in question the payment of retroactive, "he continued.

"For a year and a half, the CDS demanded that the Government reveal the detailed costs of the thawing of public administration careers," he explained before criticizing the Socialist Party for concealing "the costs of its own policy."

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Posted by Asunción Cristas on Saturday, 4 May 2019

Speaking Friday's address, Assunção Cristas says that "the CDS has proposed that payment depend on economic growth, system sustainability, retirement, evaluation and negotiation of teachers' career status." The deputy revealed that her party "has hammered the proposals of the bloc and the PCP to guarantee the payment of the nine years, four months and 18 days in the next seven years."

In a question-and-answer speech, the CDS leader said that "it's a lie" that Friday's vote will raise the state budget burden for this year. "It does not result from yesterday any burden beyond what this Government has already approved. One thing is the time of freezing, another, different, is the payment, "he replied.

"Only now the Government says it is 800 million euros without explaining how," accuses the leader. "It does not result, yesterday, any burden beyond what this Government has already approved," he said. Assunção Cristas explained in its publication that the payment of two years and nine months is contemplated in the State Budget for this year, and that the next Government will have to negotiate how the remaining time of service will be paid (nine years and four months).

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