Cristas deems 'unacceptable' that 22,000 applications for agricultural funds await approval – O Jornal Económico

CDS-PP president Asunción Cristas today considered it "unacceptable for the government to have 22,000 applications for agricultural funds pending approval."

On a visit to FRIMOR, Onion National Fair, in Rio Maior, Santarém district, accompanied by the head of the list of 6 October legislators by this constituency, Patrícia Fonseca, the centrist leader reaffirmed “the CDS's total commitment to the rural world and the agricultural world ”, where there is still“ work to do ”.

For Asunción Cristas, it is “unacceptable that the government has 22,000 applications for agricultural funds waiting to be approved” and that people cannot “count on these funds for their investments”.

Considering that investment in agriculture is "very productive and reproductive" and that "pulls" on the economy and exports and decreases imports, Cristas said his party continues to understand that one must "move to eliminate the agri-food deficit".

"We can't produce all the crops, but many of them can produce more and better and it depends on the good use of community funds and critical investments that have to be thought for the country," he said.

In particular, he highlighted investments in water, stating that “there is very serious work to be planned and done in Portugal” in this area.

“We know that Portugal is one of the most exposed countries in the world to climate change, a climate that will be increasingly hotter and drier, and we have to prepare for it, we have to adapt to climate change and that is with investments to store water, to use water efficiently in the rural world through efficient irrigation, ”he said.

Asked about the inclusion of environmental issues in the political agenda of this campaign, Cristas stated that the CDS has “work done throughout the legislature”, highlighting the water dimension, which needs to be stored and better managed, which implies investments. .

As an example, he pointed to the need to study, “in particular, the places where we need to have multiple use dams” and referred to the case of the Tagus basin, where, in particular, it is necessary to ensure that the saline wedge “does not rise and does not harm the agriculture ”, especially in the southernmost area of ​​the Santarém district.

For Cristas, it is necessary to study and evaluate “plans thought in the past that never came to fruition,” such as the Alvito dam.

Cristas spoke to several onions at this year's edition of a trade show whose origins date back 250 years and is traditionally a privileged place for producers in the neighboring municipality of Caldas da Rainha (Leiria) to sell their onion and garlic production, as well as from other vegetables.

Asked about the increase of students who will enter higher education this year, the CDS president considered it "positive", noting that the country "still has work to do" to have more qualified human resources.

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