Cristas defends increased national support in agriculture support – Jornal Econômico

The president of CDS-PP reaffirmed today in Santarém the proposal to increase up to 25% of national support in agriculture, a sector that has contributed to an "effective transformation of the economy" and increased exports.

Assunção Cristas visited the 56th National Agricultural Fair (FNA), which runs until Sunday at the National Center for Agricultural Exhibitions and Markets (CNEMA) in Santarém, a fair that congratulated the growing sophistication and innovation.

For the centrist leader, in addition to the economic aspect, the sector is "in the forefront of finding solutions" for adaptation to climate change, so it is necessary to "channel all possible funds" for agriculture.

Referring to the exhibition of vineyard landscapes that decorates the access road to the CNEMA (in an allusion to the theme of the FNA), in particular the Douro and Pico, protected by UNESCO, Cristas emphasized the role of agriculture in "landscape care" and construction of "green barriers" to mitigate climate change.

Speaking to journalists after having passed the European Union pavilion, Assunção Cristas stressed the importance of countries taking advantage of "all the funds" made available by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), "the oldest and most important from a budgetary point of view" .

Pointing to "positive contributions" from agriculture to the economy, territory and climate, the president of the CDS recalled that the party has argued that "at a time when there is a little more budget deficit", the Portuguese state "should be able voluntarily placing a national contribution in the highest possible amount of Community funds, in this case up to 25% ", thus" increasing the amount of funds that will later be used by the agricultural sector ".

Cristas called on Portugal to be "firm" in the negotiation of the CAP that will take effect from 2021, ensuring that the package for investment in the sector "can not undergo any change", especially when compared "with other countries that have no cuts" .

"For this reason, Portugal should not accept and should beat a little more, so as to become closer to other countries," he said.

In a statement in which he declined to speak on matters other than agriculture, Cristas advocated adopting measures that would help set the population in the interior of the country and encourage the use of abandoned land, reaffirming the 10% IRC proposal for all businesses and IRS at half the rate, as well as "specific tolls and transport costs".

These incentives to make it "advantageous to be in the country" should result from integrated rather than isolated policies, he reaffirmed.

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