Cristas does not re-apply after defeat costing 13 deputies to CDS-PP – The Economic Journal

CDS-PP president Asunción Cristas took on the party's defeat in the European elections on Sunday, October 6, saying that in view of this outcome she will call for "the convening of a national CDS council for an early congress". The party achieved a result of 4.25%, with just over 216,000 votes, now being the fifth political force, behind the PCP which secured 6.46% of the votes (over 329,000).

The election result ended up in the range of projections of several televisions that pointed to a result between 2.4% and 5% for the CDS, which already anticipated that the centrists could lose more than half of their parliamentary group, being of according to polls, with 11 to 16 deputies less than the current 18 deputies. At the next legislature, CDS will have five MPs in Parliament, including Cristas – leader of the centrist list by Lisbon in the October legislatures – who has not clarified whether he will stay in Parliament in the next four years.

At the CDS-PP headquarters in Largo do Caldas, Cristas took over yesterday's defeat immediately, after saluting the winners and “congratulating the PS” and “wishing António Costa success in driving the country's destinations”.

In a short speech that did not reach two minutes, the centrist leader stressed that “for four years the CDS was a strong and constructive opposition to a socialist government supported by the Left Bloc, the CDU and also the PAN” and that the party felt many sometimes "it was an isolated voice in Parliament".

In a moment of defeat, Asunción Cristas stated: “We built an alternative project for the country that was clearly not chosen in these elections. We assume the result with democratic humility. ”

After the reaction, even when the final results were not known, the centrist leader did not answer whether she would remain in parliament as a deputy, and then left the party headquarters in the company of her husband.

CDS with one of the worst results ever

With the televised polls advanced at 8 pm on Sunday, October 6, it was early evening that the CDS-PP risked being in line with the worst results ever in the 1987 and 1991 legislatures, when it was nicknamed “ taxi party ”by electing only four or five deputies against the current 18. The final results confirmed this. More than two decades later, CDS once again has only five deputies in its parliamentary group.

The Portugal to the Front coalition, constituted by the PSD and CDS, obtained 36.83% of the votes in the 2015 legislative elections, with 104 deputies, ahead of the PS that guaranteed 85 terms. The PS obtained a lower vote of 32.38%, which guaranteed the election of 86 deputies, but in creating the contraption it eventually created a parliamentary majority that counted 19 members of the BE and 17 of the CDU, out of a total of 122 deputies. .

In the 2011 legislatures, the CDS obtained a percentage of 11.71%, guaranteeing 24 deputies.

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