Cristas rejects CDS has changed its position, which is "clarinha como la água" – The Economic Journal

The chairman of the CDS rejected today in Brussels that his party has retreated in the matter of total accounting of the time of service of the teachers, stating that it has adopted "the same position, clear as the water, from the first minute".

"The CDS has the same position from day one […]. We have always said it and we say again: we are favorable to the counting of a time, which obviously can only happen when there are conditions, "namely" economic growth, financial sustainability and also revision of teachers' careers, teacher evaluation and retirement, "said Asunción Crests.

For the CDS leader, misunderstandings about the party's position, including among Christian Democrats such as Pires de Lima, were due to the fact that "all" were "subject to widespread misinformation, a repeated lie and with the attempt to become truthful, "having Cristas turned to accusing the prime minister, António Costa, of having set up a" political crisis based on the lie. "

"What the prime minister did was shameful. Shameful. Owned by someone who may have great skill but no sense of state, "he accused, insisting that António Costa" blatantly lied to all the Portuguese when he said that the CDS had contributed to the burden on the public accounts. "

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